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Tak Cheong Enterprise, a Hong Kong based company, starts her trading business in 1976 to support the growing electronics industrial in South East Asia.


Tak Cheong has successfully establishes a very profitable network in the South East Asia, China, Europe and North America regions. In order to support the growth of the business, by year 1985, Tak Cheong Electronics Co., Ltd. is registered in Hong Kong to mainly deal with the trading of AV systems, computer components, device for telecommunication application and other advance technology.

1990s to now

During this decade, the idea of continuous improvement has lead the management to look for better strategy to position the company, proper resources has organized to install a manufacturing facility in Shanwei City, Guangdong to improve our own supply chain.

Tak Cheong Electronics Shanwei Co., Ltd has established in 1995 to produce most types of the glass seal diode and special rectifier for automotive application, our annual production reaches 24,000KK pieces with world covered sales network.

To improve the overall utilization of the resources for the company, during the year of 1997, Tak Cheong Electronics Co., Ltd has restructured her set up and officially registered as Tak Cheong Electronics (Holdings) Co., Ltd as a parent company for both Tak Cheong Electronics Shanwei Co., Ltd and Tak Cheong Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Starting from 1997, the management team of Tak Cheong has successfully transformed Tak Cheong Shanwei into a world class manufacturing facility to produce diode and rectifier products for multi-international semiconductor companies. With IATF16949 and ISO14001 certified facility, it does not take long for Tak Cheong to be recognized as a manufacturing center of excellence and we are becoming OEM for more famous multi international semiconductor companies in the past five years and resulting to a significant growth of our business.

In Feb, 2002, Tak Cheong signed an agreement with ON Semiconductor to take over their double slug Zener business in DO-41 and DO-35 packages . Tak Cheong will be totally responsible for the manufacturing and marketing under our own brand for the DO-41 and DO-35 Zener products with unique Metallurgical Bond Technology and under licensing by On Semiconductor

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